FRENCH KANDE Marmonde L'Ange Medallion Necklace

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This necklace features Austrian Crystal, our exclusive Marmonde bezel and L'Ange Medallion. Totally stunning all by itself and even better when paired with another one of our designs.


• Adjustable 15”-18”

• 24K Gold Plated

• Cabochon Color: Austrian Crystal

• Each piece of FK Petite is handmade in our Los Angeles studio by Californian artisans.

L'Ange Medallion History: Commemorating the Inter-Allied Victory of WWI, this medallion features the Lady Angel of Mercy on the front and incorporates the flags of the Allied forces on the back where it also reads in French and Dutch: The Great War for Civilization.

FRENCH KANDE Marmonde L'Ange Medallion Necklace